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For Kids

T-Ball is a baseball game for young boys and girls. It is a way to have fun while learning how to play. Here are some important things to know:

   The ball is not pitched. It is hit off a batting tee.

   Every player bats and plays in the field.

   There are no strikeouts or walks (bases on balls)

   There is a real or pretend playing line between first base and third or curved 40 feet out from home plate.

   No fielder can cross the playing line until the ball is hit.

   The ball must be hit 10 feet or is a foul.

   When the ball is hit, don’t throw the bat.

   Runners must stay on base until the ball is hit. There is no stealing

   The inning is over when all players have batted once.

   Safety helmets must be worn when at bat or on base.

Listen to the coaches. Your league may have some different rules, like keeping score or having a coach pitch to the batter.
That’s part of the game, too.

Remember — have fun and be a good team player.