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Field of Play


  • The field of play is shared by an infield and an outfield and is separated into fair and foul territory.
  • The field is similar to dimensions of a youth baseball / Little League type field but with only 50 feet between the bases.
  • The diamond is a square with a base at each corner.
  • The bases include first, second, and third base. They are made of canvas, soft, 15 inches square and appx. 2½ inches thick and may be fastened in place.
  • The playing line is an imaginary line running between first base and third base. It can also be an arc, a curved circle extending out 40 feet from the point of home plate.
  • Home plate is made of white rubber, is five-sided and is set flush with the ground. It is 17 inches wide across the edge facing the infield, 8½ inches long on each side and 12 inches long on the sides of the point facing the catcher.
  • The center of the pitcher’s area is 38 feet from the point of home plate.
  • The batter’s boxes are to be 5 feet long by 3 feet wide. The batting tee is placed on home plate, 2 feet from the front edge of the boxes and 3 feet from their rear border.
  • The outfield is the wide area of the playing field beyond the diamond and most distant from home plate.
  • If there are any outfield fences, they shall be 115 to 125 feet from the batting tee, with the maximum distance used by the 7 and 8 year old players.
  • The foul lines extend from home plate past first and third bases. Fair territory is the playing field within and including the foul lines; foul territory is the area outside the foul lines.
  • A foul strike area is within an imaginary or drawn arc between the baselines, 10 feet out from the batting tee.