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Baseball Leagues

The Major League Baseball is a baseball competition where all participants strive to hit a ball with a bat, and I suck pay, where these lazy players are very well paid to perform these actions. He is also known for the quality of the pitchers who make life impossible for the batters when they despair at the end of each entry. In the National League, we can appreciate how some pitchers rejoice to throw him against other pitchers, as they know that they do not give one, and their punches help them with their statistics to get to the Hall of Fame. Where they are rewarded with a lifetime supply of sunflower seeds and chewing gum.


History since 1870 – While the English were developing the football boom, the Americans were starting to use broomsticks to hit a golf ball, this was to demonstrate the aim they possessed. In 1876, the National League of Professional Baseball Players began were the dominant teams were the Boston bean eaters, who by such a great name managed to impose their dynasty (supposedly only enough to buy beans as food). It should be noted that this league was not entirely professional as tickets cost 10 cents and players received only $100, and black players were only given $15 per black. This would start the league that Latin Americans would dominate, who at that time were paid 250 Mexican pesos, as Americans created the stereotype that all Latin Americans were Mexican and settled with the Mexican currency.

They take things seriously – At the end of the 19th century, they decided to go to a more professional stage, where they stopped using lead bats or sometimes asbestos, to leave with as ecological as possible, cedarwood. And players instead of receiving $100 in pay received $ 100.25 as 25 cents was a luxury in the early 20th century. It is there that the MLB decides to go to a professional stage, that included more professional names, this caused the Boston Frijoles to change their names, which provoked the anger of several comedians. By 1905, the World Series began, although American teams played them, they believed that by winning the national tournament, they would be the best in the world. During this period, blacks and Latinos received a brutal kick in them and had to resign themselves to playing in minor leagues until a guy like Harrison Ford came up with the idea of picking up Jackie Robinson, a black man who was not allowed in the jar by black.


Today, baseball is no different than in the past. Players continue to use a stick (iron or wooden, whichever ladybug each player is). Players usually have sex with their mother coaches, if there is no coach available they get depressed, and make a few hundred home runs. In the 1950s, the import of Latino players began to increase, causing salsa music to be played in American stadiums. In the 2000s, several curses have been broken, such as the Boston Red Sox, who broke 86 years of not winning the World Series. And the Chicago White Sox, who broke 88 years of drought, while the Chicago Cubs had to wait until the next decade to break their 108 – year curse-even though they claim they were winners in 1993 thanks to their “Rookie of the year.” It is predicted that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series again in the next 108 years, or when a circle is squared, the first thing to happen.

The American League

It is a league of 15 teams that believe themselves to be the elite of the MLB by having the crème de la crème with groups like the Tampa Bay Rays, The Kansas City Royals and of course the gamers of the Seattle sailors. What differentiates the American League from the National League is the famous “designated hitter,” meaning someone who beats instead of the useless pitcher, this has made players like David “Big Daddy,” Ortiz, Frank Thomas, and Jason Giambi have made their fortunes without having to stand on the playing field. It should be noted that in the American League are the Toronto Blue Jays, who are the only Canadian team to play in the league since the Montreal Expos were relocated to Washington so that the lazy president of the United States could see the American pastime without leaving the White House.

The National League

This league consists of 15 neighborhood teams representing each city that provides the most significant number of viewers per game. In this league, the pitcher does have to hit and is considered as the” out by rule ” although there is one who has taken steroids and managed to make an unstoppable. The National League is the quarry and the dumping ground for American League players, in a cycle that consists of three years in their team, four in the American League, two with the Yankees, returns to the National League to do their farewell tour. All within 10 to 12 years, but there are always those who enjoy more years of failures and stay 15 seasons. While the American has too many famous players in the Hall of Fame, while the National only has Hank Aaron, and probably Barry “the asterisk” Bonds.

Regular Season

The regular season is like having two annual tournaments in football: a total waste of time, in which the players go from season party to so many, and they always end up drunk and drugged. It in that the only thing that matters is the postseason. If you look closely, you will see that the players manage to hit the ball (one way or another) more times in the postseason than in the regular season.

The Postseason

It’s the most important thing about baseball. It’s when TV companies make all their money. Gay players play to do something before the regular season arrives. Usually, players do the same as in the regular season, but with more enthusiasm. Here the eight teams that have bribed more umpires have shown consistency are going to fight in a duel to the death for a disposable plastic trophy that only shows 32 yellow flags around a wet wooden base. The postseason is apart from a television business, a success for the stores that sell T-shirts or” jerseys ” of the teams in this phase, it is skimped that the time the Tampa Bay Rays arrived at the postseason, there were gains of around €150,000,000.

The World Series

It is where everyone is supposed to participate, but it is known that this is not the case because of racism. You can clearly see that there is no team from the intertidal, so the Penguins will not be able to win any cup. Well, the rest of the world has their team (or most), and they play each other to win a fake Gold Cup that serves nothing but space. It is worth mentioning that few show interest in the World Series, as they know that Hank Steinbrenner and the Yankees have it insured. The Yankees themselves show little attention because they know they have the Cup secured.

Latin American Influence

Latin Americans currently have 78% of baseball players insignificant leagues; gringos only have 22% of their players in the primary circuit. Throughout modern history, there have been players from third world countries who have shown that they can beat Americans in skills, such as Roberto Clemente, who has done more acts of charity than any American player, so much so that he has his prize with his name on it. Another case is that of Rod Carew, who without pity or glory, made 3015 unstoppable, without going through the New York Yankees.

Currently Latin Americans are so required, that talents of the United States have started to hire children, especially if they are of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or Venezuela, this is to make sure that when you grow up don’t go more expensive than having to buy another computer they are going to have future stars in their lineups. Meanwhile, Mexicans are like the ugly duckling of baseball, they have talent, but it is harder to find baseball talent in a football country, among some outstanding players we can find Fernando Valenzuela and Adrian González, the latter currently playing for the San Diego bachelors. On the other hand, Cuba is known for its baseball quality, but its players can’t play in the big leagues, because Cuban baseball has another dynamic, here nobody loses because that is capitalist, although it is also due to another reason.