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Batting — the stance, swing and follow-through


  • Adjust the tee with ball set even to the hitter’s waist.
  • Face tee with feet spread shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend knees, body in slight crouch.
  • Weight on balls of feet.
  • Grip bat; hands together above knob.
  • Hold bat firmly; don’t squeeze.
  • Bring bat up and away from the body.
  • Keep shoulders level; bat and head steady.
  • Eyes on the ball.
  • Short step with the front foot at start of swing.
  • Swing level and bring the bat through the center of the ball.
  • Watch bat hit ball; keep head down.
  • Weight shifts to front foot; back foot stays on the ground.
  • Extend arms and follow through; swing around.
  • Drop the bat; do not throw it

Key points:

  • eyes on the ball
  • no cross-handed hold
  • position of feet
  • stride [weight shift]
  • rotation
  • the swing



    Eyes on the ball. Watch the ball go into the glove. Cover the ball with the other hand

Ground Ball

    Stand legs apart, shoulder-width or wider. Bend knees. Get low. Lean forward. Run to the ball. Keep body in front of ball. Glove low to the ground. Scoop or catch the ball and cover it.

Fly Ball

    Run to where the ball is going. Call for the ball: “I’ve got it.” Stop and wait for the ball. Hands together, fingers up, shoulder high or over the head. Watch ball into the glove and cover.

Thrown Ball

    Bend knees slightly. Watch the ball. On a ball thrown to player above the waist: Hands together facing out; thumbs up. Catch and cover. On a ball thrown below the waist: Hands together facing down; little fingers touching. Catch and cover.

Grip and motion

    Thumb under the ball. Two or three fingers on top. Don’t worry about the seams. Eyes on the target. Legs apart; foot on throwing arm side behind the body. Arm back and up, front shoulder turned toward target. Step toward target with foot opposite the throwing arm. Right-hander with left foot; left-hander with right foot. Push off on back foot as throw begins; end with weight on forward foot. Release the ball in front of body and follow through.

Base running

    Run on the balls of the feet. Pump arms back and forth. After the ball is hit Run behind the tee, unless left-handed. Look at first base, not where the ball has gone. Run outside the foul line. Run straight through first base; don’t jump on it or slow down. Watch and listen to coach for instructions. When on base Keep one foot touching the base until the next batter hits the ball. Lean forward; when ball is hit, push off base. Know where the ball is. When passing a base, try to touch it on the side without stopping.


    [not recommended for the youngest players] Start about four to five feet from the base. Arms up, fingers bent, chin down. Bend one leg under the other. Lower leg hits the ground, then the butt and back. Top leg [the extended one] touches the base. No head-first sliding.