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What is Teeball

The game is the entry sport to baseball and softball for young players, generally four to eight years old. Members of two teams take turns hitting a ball off a batting tee set on home plate. Batters try to get on base and advance to home; fielders try to prevent that from happening. The elimination of pitching allows children to participate without the fear of being hit by a pitched ball. Tee ball develops the primary baseball skills of hitting, running, fielding and throwing. The players gain an understanding of the fundamental rules, which allows minimally competitive league play at all age levels.

Tee ball is played in every state and territory and internationally. Participation is estimated at 2.2 million players, 65% boys and 35% girls. The sport’s constituency includes organizers, directors, administrators and staff, coaches, officials, volunteers and the friends, parents and players from 18+ million American families with youngsters of tee ball age.

As the game is one of the first team sports for most children, there is a high level of adult support and enthusiasm. Tee ball has proven to be a natural transition into standard baseball and softball. As such, it provides a steady supply of young players already equipped with the basic skills and an enthusiasm for these sports.