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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I go about finding tee ball teams in my area?
Call the Youth Sports Director at your nearest Park & Rec. Departments. They usually run tee ball games, lease out their fields to various leagues or know where games are organized in the community. Also, try the YMCA or ask sporting goods retailers [they sell equipment and uniforms to leagues.]

What is the real or imaginary line for?
The line between 1st and 3rd bases or an arc 40 feet from home plate is to keep fielders away from where the batter hits the ball. It is a safety rule. It also gives the defensive players some time to react in fielding the ball: moving up, back or to the side.

What are the ages for playing tee ball?
The recommended ages are four through seven. A few groups have a pre-tee ball game for 3½ year olds with shorter distances between the bases and other modifications. By eight, the players can move into standard baseball [Little League, PONY, YMCA, Park & Rec. leagues, etc.] or softball.

Is coach-pitch part of tee ball?
Yes. It is most effective when used with older players [6 years+] or with younger players with advanced batting skills. See Rules pages.

What does “bat around” mean?
It’s the playing procedure where every player on the offensive team bats one time during an inning; then, the sides switch. This is the greatly favored alternative to the traditional three outs, as it insures that all the players on the team at bat participate in each inning.